Experience Karting on Australia’s best outdoor kart track located in the scenic, rural area of Picton. Go around sweeping bends, challenging chicane, hair-raising hairpin and a super long straight. Encounter the adrenaline of go-kart racing like never before.

Pro Circuit

January 2000, Picton Karting Track was officially opened to the public. Since opening, Picton Karting Track has continued to improve the customer experience by upgrading the go-karts, enhancing driver safety and developing innovative ideas as additions to the track. Over the last two decades, the track has attracted many locals, interstate and overseas customers, as well as businesses, schools, universities, driver training schools, kart clubs, car clubs and motor cycle training. The track is inspected daily ensuring the surface, gravel traps, curbs and facility is up to the optimal level of standard. The track is also approved by Karting Australia. Our track is 640 metres long, 8 metres wide, 190 metres straight, which includes 9 corners and a hair pin. This circuit has a selection of fast, slow and technical corners. The track surface is provided by Boral, made up of their finest mix of asphalt.

Manufactured by the leading company in both racing and rental, TB KART Italy. TB kart was founded back in 1918, initially manufacturing small parts and accessories. The company is now designing and constructing the best racing and rental chassis’ in the world, using advanced machinery and innovative designs.


  • If you are just learning to drive a go-kart or hoping to win your first go-kart race, this article will teach you the basics.
  • Keep your hands in the quarter to three position and never let go of the steering wheel
  • Brake at the end of the straightaways before you enter the turn. If you start breaking during the turn, you will slide. Never slam the brakes as this will cause the rear wheels to lock up and result in a spin. Kart brakes act on the rear wheels only.
  • Don’t turn in too early. Plan your drive path as “out-in-out” the wide path will help you maintain momentum. For example when you are turning left, you stay on the right side, then cut in the apex and then drive to the right again. For a right turn, vice versa. When you are just learning, it can help to follow a fast driver to duplicate their race line as closely as possible. Always remember to use all of the track.
  • Be smooth, sliding and jerking the steering can actually slow you down ALOT. Accelerate and brake smoothly to gain momentum and maintain speed all around the track.
  • Limit your steering input.
  • Control your tire grip and allow a few laps to warm the tires up, depending on the weather conditions.
  • Time your passes carefully. Don’t pass when there is a risk. Don’t worry about faster drivers overtaking. Stick to your line, it will be much more predictable and safer for others to pass.
  • Listen to instructions and always follow the rules.

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