Each corner arrives faster then the previous one. Straights become shorter, and the heart beats like never before. This event is jam-packed with thrills and high-power driven motor racing action. The experience is set for small or large groups.

The Karts

The karts are purpose built with the Italian ‘TB RMAX’ chassis and powered by a 125 ROTAX MAX 2T producing 23HP. The chassis is super-lite designed to give the same high performance and experience that a competition chassis would. Two stroke engines are usually intended for racing karts, therefore we recommend experienced drivers rather than those who are new to karting. The motors can rev up to 14,000 rpm and reach speeds of 110km/h plus up the straight. In the right conditions the engine can accelerate from 0-100km in just 2.5 seconds. The karts are incredible to drive and are sure to impress! These engines are rare in the rental kart industry due to their high expense, maintenance and their temperamental nature. Two stroke engines are a whole new level of fun. We are the only track in Australia to provide RMAX karts.

Safety First – Qualify to be able to drive RMAX

Strict rules apply for the safety of our customers. Due to the high speed and acceleration of the RMAX karts, all drivers will be required to complete 2 x 10 minute sessions in our 15HP Karts. Before hitting the track, our experienced team will provide you with a detailed drivers induction about our karts and our safety protocols. Track officials will determine if all drivers have the ability to drive the RMAX karts! You don’t have to be the fastest driver, just stay in control of the 15HP karts, have good foot control and obey all the track rules. We will be available to provide driving tips to the group.

Once the 15HP qualifying sessions are completed the group will be ready to move up to the RMAX karts. All drivers will receive a 5 minute practice and 10 minute qualifying. Race for the fastest lap time to determine your starting positions. Choose the GP event that best suits your group, and call us on 46773330 or book online! Please note, during all the RMAX sessions drivers will need to keep a distance from other karts, however overtaking is allowed. These measures are for the safety of our customers.



  • Minimum 5 drivers – Maximum 32 drivers
  • Exclusive use of track
  • Official welcome & registration
  • Licence including personal balaclava
  • Presentation and Medallions awarded
  • Up to 20 karts on the track at once with 15HP karts
  • Up to 7 karts on the track at once with 23HP RMAX karts. NOTE groups will be split once qualifying sessions are complete.
  • Suitable from 17 years and over

See our Race Group booking Terms and Conditions.

For optional extras see Functions.

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