Race Events


Our track offers our customers the opportunity to race in our karts. Our trained team will supply the karts, fuel, fresh tires and all the equipment. All you need to do is turn up and experience karting at a whole different level.

15HP 390cc 3hr Endurance – coming January 2024


  • Arrive 4pm to register
  • Drivers Brief 5pm
  • The race will start at 6pm and finish 9pm. The team who completes the most laps is the winner.
  • Teams of 2-4 drivers
  • 5 mandatory pit spots, two of which are kart swaps.
  • TO ENTER event you must have experience driving our 15HP karts with times under 41 secs
  • Must have valid membership and be over the age of 16yrs+
  • 8 minute qualify
  • 3 hour NON-STOP Endurance Race
  • Trophy presentation and prizes
  • UP TO 18 TEAMS.
  • Racing in 15HP TB KARTS! All karts are serviced by a top team of mechanics, to ensure all karts are equal in speed, leaving it down to the drivers!
  • Allows for a real racing experience
  • Cost $195 per hour

Adult and Junior Sprint Night

If you love go-karting and speed, this is the event for you. On the night, junior karts will be tuned to go faster than usual!

  • Cost: $85pp | 7-13yrs Junior Karts | 14yrs+ 270cc 9HP Karts
  • Cost: $105pp | 17yrs+ 390cc 15HP Karts
  • Arrive 530pm to sign in
  • Driver training
  • 1x 8min qualify
  • 1x 10 lap heat
  • 1x 12 lap race (grid start)
  • Presentation
  • To enter, you must have previous racing experience at our track not to be done on the day of the sprint night and a valid PKT license.


  1. 19th of January
  2. 16th of February
  3. 16th of March
  4. 20th of April
  5. 18th of May
  6. 15th of June
  7. 13th of July
  8. 17th of August
  9. 28th of September
  10. 26th of October
  11. 23rd of November

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