Team Endurance Racing

The Team Enduro is an event set for groups as little as 20 people to larger groups of 100 plus.

This Non-Stop Tag Team Racing has all the action with pit stops, driver changes with a challenging chicane and a hairpin around our 640 metre outdoor track. The winners are presented trophies on the Winner’s Podium; however the result may not be what you assume, as points are deducted for penalties and incorrect pit stops so you and the team will need to be on their guard.

Endurance Event

  • $185 per kart, per hour 9HP Karts
  • $220 per kart, per hour 15HP Karts
  • Plus $15 per driver for 8 min combined warm up and qualify
  • Minimum 10 karts
  • Teams of 2-6
  • Event can run from 1-8 hours


  • Official welcome & registration
  • Driver training & safety briefing
  • Select a team leader
  • Organise Driver changeovers
  • Place a race strategy for your team

Group package includes;

  • Exclusive use of Track
  • Lap time sheets issued
  • Presentation & trophies
  • License including personal Balaclava
  • Mini Golf complimentary for weekdays events.


See our Race Group booking Terms and Conditions.

For more information call us today on (02) 4677 3330