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Kart around on one of Sydney’s best outdoor kart track set in the scenic and exhilarating rural area of Picton. Go around sweeping bends, challenging chicane, hair-raising hairpin with up to 75km on the supercharged straight. Experience the adrenalin of go kart racing like never before.


Pro Circuit

It is fast, challenging and requires commitment and stamina. At 640 metres long by 8 metres wide with 190 metres straight, 9 corners and a hair pin. This circuit has a selection of fast, slow and technical corners. Your kart can reach speeds up to 75km p/h -this is serious karting! Adult Karts average lap times of 43-45 seconds. Junior Karts average lap times of 49-54 seconds

Rookie Circuit

Length is 330 metres and 8 metres wide. 5 corners including a hairpin. Junior Karts average lap times are 30 seconds. Designed for juniors to get use to the karts and track.


On arrival you will be greeted by the friendly and helpful team where you will be put through a 5 minute drivers training and briefing. You will be fitted with race suits and helmets, and then jump straight in your go kart and start racing! The track utilises a state of the art timing system and will provide you print outs of your times available at the end of your go kart racing session.


Adult Karts

The fleet of 25 go karts are purpose built with the European ‘’Intrepid’ chassis and powered by the Subaru 4 stroke engine which can accelerate at speeds up to 75 km p/h. The karts are also fitted with an individual timing transponder which times the karts to an incredible 1/1000th of a second so you are able to time yourself and improve your time on the next round.

Junior Karts

The fleet of 10 European TB karts have been perfectly geared to our Track. They are powered by a Honda 4 stroke motor, which can accelerate to speeds up to 65 km p/h. They are all fitted with timing transponders and de-harrdt shut down transponders to ensure safely.

Corporate Karts

Our Corporate go karts are the next level for the serious karter that needs more speed and excitement. The Corporate karts are powered by the Subaru 4 stroke performance engine that can run an average of 39 second per lap.

17HP High Performance Two Stroke Karts

The 17HP Racing go karts are fueled for the real speed freaks!! They are a popular high-performance two-stroke KT100S Yamaha racing engine capable of 100km/h plus and fitted with an individual timing transponder which times the karts to an incredible 1/1000th of a second. The frames are a mix of racing karts that weigh a fraction of a conventional hire kart.


At the end of the each karting session you can wind down with your friends or family and swap tactics, perhaps over an icy cold drink in our seated down air conditioned cafeteria. This go karting experience will have you seated in and raring to go. Push the pedal to the metal, full acceleration, green lights and you’re on your way to an extreme adrenaline rush on four wheels -see you at the trackside!

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  • If you are just learning to drive a go kart or hoping to win your first go kart race, this article will teach you the basics. Whether you want to start a hobby, drive better, or just get in first, this is the ultimate information to small scale go karting!
  • Be smooth. You may think you are cool slamming on the accelerator, but sliding and jerking actually slow you down. Accelerate smoothly, brake smoothly to retain momentum and be faster all around that track.
  • Plan your drive path as “out-in-out” the wide path will help you maintain momentum. For example when you are entering left turn you stay at the right side, and then cut in the apex. Then drive to the right again. For a right turn, vice versa. When you are just learning, it can help to follow a fast driver to duplicate their race line as closely as possible.
  • Limit the sliding in your turns. Sliding and drifting may look cool, but they aren’t actually fast techniques for the beginner or intermediate driver.
  • Brake at the end of the straightaways before you enter the turn. If you start breaking during the turn, you will slide.
  • Control your front tire grip. If your front tires stay in control, your kart will stay in the line you want. It can be OK to let the back tires slide a bit.
  • Time your passes carefully. Don’t pass when there is risk.
  • Listen to instructions and always follow the rules, they are the simplest and best part to be victorious!

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