From 7 to 14 years old (All Juniors require Proof of Age and an adult guardian’s signature to register to obtain a Picton Karting Driver’s Licence)



Weekdays – Monday to Friday (except Tuesdays) from 10am to 5pm (NOT including public & school holidays).

Weekends – No practice

Note: For track availability, please contact us on 4677 3330 to avoid disappointment. 


  • Track Licence cost- $50.00 per person (valid for 12 months).
  • Track Practice 10am-5pm $70.00 per person.
  • Half day from 3pm- 5pm $40.00 per person
Standard Rules and Regulations
  • Individuals MUST register/sign in and pay a track fee at reception prior to entering the track, you MUST show a valid government issued ID e.g., drivers’ licence, passport, student card, etc.
  • All individuals, after signing in, will be issued with a dated wristband. Please wear it on your wrist, anywhere else will not be accepted, and show officials if asked.
  • All Individuals MUST have a valid membership with Picton Karting Track.
  • All support crew MUST be registered with Picton Karting Track.
  • All support crew of driver/s must at all times be wearing a hi vis vest and closed in shoes whilst in the pit and track area.
  • All Karts may be subject to an inspection prior to track time
  • Before entering the track, any beginner or anyone that does not fully understand what is expected, please seek advice from track officials. Please display an L Plate.
  • For safety, if your kart has stopped for any reason, raise one arm to warn others, then when safe to do so remove your kart or bike from the track into a safe area, and retreat to a protective barrier and remain there until the session is over, or directed by an official. Whilst on the track, please keep your safety apparel on at all times.
  • Picton Karting Track reserves the right to deny access to the track to any karts or driver and crew at any time.
  • For safety, pit area, in grid & out grid, is for drivers and pit crew only, and strictly NO SPECTATORS in those areas.
  • No tools or equipment will be lent to kart owners
  • If any oil/fuel from your kart is spilt on the track, pit areas or car park you will be charged a clean-up fee of $150.00.
  • Drivers should ensure they are ready to enter onto the circuit at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the session.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited. Anyone seen drinking alcohol or taking drugs before or during track sessions will have all or any remaining track time cancelled without refund.
  • Drivers considered to be affected by drugs, medication or for any other reason that may affect their driving ability will not be permitted to participate.
  • Drivers taking medication or that have a medical condition that may affect their ability to drive with safety, you must produce a medical certificate from a doctor stating that it is safe for you to drive.
  • An insurance cover is for Public Liability as required by the Sports and Recreation Department NSW Government, which does not cover bodily injury and associated costs to persons participating in Motor Sport. Personal Accident and Ambulance Insurance are the responsibility of the individual.
  • Always drive in a clockwise direction.
  • Track officials have the right to prevent or stop a person from riding on the circuit for the following; Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, abusive language and mechanical defects
  • Please remember it is the driver’s responsibility whilst on the track, for the safety of other drivers and their property.
  • A Practice session strictly means “Practice” it does not mean “Racing”, anyone wishing to Race, please join a club to do so.


  • GREEN – Clear Circuit
  • AMBER – When light/flag is being shown, please reduce speed. Raise your arm to acknowledge light/flag, do not overtake and proceed with caution until the track has cleared
  • RED – Reduce speed and return to grid
  • CHECKERED FLAG – Session is finished
  • Karting is a non-contact sport. No dangerous driving will be tolerated e.g., pushing, punting, disobeying flags, and excessive spinning etc.
  • All karts using Picton Karting Track must have a clutch.
  • Plastic Side Pods, Nassau Panel, Nose Cone & Rear Crash Bar – Metal Bar or Plastic Bumper
  • Go-Kart engine only
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to fit the kart of a junior with the appropriate engine capacity/horsepower for their ability and age. Please refer to karting Australia for more information.
  • Sessions are run as Juniors 7-14yrs or Seniors 15yrs + NO MIXED SESSIONS


  • All drivers must wear a full-face helmet, gloves, fully enclosed footwear, and a race-suit. (Overalls will not be accepted). NO GEAR, NO KARTING
  • Juniors are required to wear neck braces otherwise SORRY NO PLAY

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