Karting Attire

There are a few components needed to round out a complete go kart driving set up. These components include Karting suits, helmets, gloves, and boots.

A go kart suit is an important piece of clothing for go kart drivers that increases safety and may also improve driver performance. The most important thing to consider is fit. The suit should be comfortable but tight fitting to avoid any looseness which may detract from its performance.

A variety of other complementary components such as gloves, boots, and helmets are also an important part for safety and comfort.


Go Kart helmets is a compulsory important component of all around go kart safety. Helmets are also similar to go kart suits, in that they need to be sized appropriately so that they fit snugly but the driver is still comfortable. Equally as important is the fact that it important is that the helmet does not unnecessarily obstruct the driver’s range of sight.


Go kart gloves protect drivers hands as well as improve steering wheel grip. Gloves have rubber or other sticky substance on the palms or other high contact areas to improve the driver’s grip. Gloves must be sized appropriately as if they are too large, a driver might lose sensitivity and gloves that are too small are uncomfortable to wear.


Go kart boots are similar to gloves except they are worn on the feet. They often have better traction to ensure that the driver’s foot does not slip off the pedals. Go kart boots need to fit snugly, but since they may have to be worn for a long time, they should also be comfortable as well.

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