School Excursions

Picton Karting Track has provided successful school group functions over the years and is an industry benchmark for go karting standards.

Since the start Picton Karting Track has been involved and committed in the safety of go karting standards within national industry groups including the Australian Karting Association (AKA) and The Office of Sports NSW Government.

Go Karting gives a chance to experience and learn valuable driving skills with having fun at the same time. Karting allows the opportunity for teenagers on how to handle a vehicle before they obtain their driver’s license and start out on the open road.

Package 1 2
Ride length 20 mins 30 mins
Cost $50 $70
Laps approx. 27 41

Note: This karting package is taken in 10 minute sessions with breaks in between e.g. package 1; a 20 minute session is taken in two lots of 10 minutes.

School package includes;

  • Official welcome & registration
  • Driver training & safety briefing
  • School/ Youth Group Special rates
  • Track Supervision with Industry expertise
  • Access to Public BBQ areas
  • Lap time sheets

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